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Graveling Point

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The way the weather forecast looks I think the D may be a washout this weekend. Sunday's the day I can fish so I was thinking about maybe donning my foul weather gear & hitting graveling point. I've never been there before & was checking out Scott's Bait & tackle website & saw there's a creek you ned to cross. Is this feeder creek passable after large amounts of rain? Anything els about this place I should know, tips, warnings, sugestionjs ect. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks
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.... and be careful as you cross the point! If you walk across and cut it too short you will walk thru a weedy area... if you do, get ready to sink in the muck up to your chest!

There were many times I fished there where the waders were not even close to mandatory on the way out... barely a flow at all in the creek... on the way back in, we had to walk 20' out from the beach to walk on the little bar cause the creek was just too deep and running too fast to cross... watch for the guys that look like they know the area... then follow them if they don't take a swim!
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