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Great Bay Nav question

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Has anyone been from 139 marker to the inlet lately? I think I remember reading the nav aids were pushed off station by the ice, have they been put in thier proper places and is there any sigificant changes in the channels for the ICW and the inlet?
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Current status as of this weekend remains as follows. The following is provided for informational purposes ONLY. Use the information at your own risk, and consult the CG issued Notice to Mariners for authoritative information regarding navigational aids.

In the ICW, buoys 135, 136 and 138 are missing. You've got a pretty straight shot from 134 to 139, so it's not that bad. Buoy 129 at the dog leg by Tow Island has been carried out to near Rutgers. This green can is now in a dangerous place because it's up on the sand bar to the south end of the channel. So when running from Rutgers (123 area) to the 126 pole, ignore the green can off to the's way off station. The 127 pole is bent over pretty good due to ice damage.

In the inlet, there remains enough water to get out the "north way". Running the buoys out the south way is pretty messed up. Green can "11" was on station, but red can "10" near where old "F" was is way off station, half way out the inlet. Red "6" is ok, but you don't want to run straight from "11" to "6", you need to get in closer to Little Beach. Beyond "6" can, you will find "10"; although not where it belongs, it still marks ok water. While "6" can is ok, green "5" has been pulled over a quarter mile south out the inlet. Again, it still marks ok water. "4" can is too far north and practically sits in the white water on the sand bar. "2" and "3" out to LE are currently ok.
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Thank You Capt. We'll be launching from Chestnut Neck tomorrow and it the first time on the bay this year, think I'll play it safe and stay away from the inlet until they get things sorted out. Sounds like the ice did more damage than I heard. Thanks again for the reply.
I have been running all around the bay, the cans are pretty bad.Your best shot at bass right now would be off the point. Does anyone know when they are putting the stakes back in?
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