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Sunday, we let a couple hours of tide get back into the bay before we left the dock. Mike got to the boat about 9:30am. I took us right to the spot we got the keepers the day before and started catchin but they were small. I mean real small. I tried several different sloughs and all the fluke caught were shorts. We boated 21 but no keepers, the biggest one was 15". Mike and I did manage to get a few Bluefish in the 2 to 3lb class. Fun on light tackle! Where did all the keeper fluke go!!
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My sentiments exactly! Got out to Absecon Bay and nothing but shorts. Water is still 57, could this be keeping the bite quiet? Thank goodness the snot grass is finally gone. Hopefully the bite will pick up soon.
A keeper on the first drift on Friday looked like a good sign. Nope. Over a dozen little ones on Saturday.
Water temp yesterday did hit 60 at one point. That's the warmest I've seen it this year. But the water clarity is bad. Its very bracish looking. Probably still from the run off from up the river with all the rain we have had this spring. We need some dry, nice weather for a while. If water temp gets a bit better and clarity improves I think the bite could get better. We'll see.
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