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R E D U C E D Great matched pair Penn Int. II 80w's mounted on custom bent butt rods

R E D U C E D!!!!
I have a great pair of Penn 80W International II reels on beautifull custom bent butt rods. These rods were made by Erickson Bros. Fishing Lodge in Warwick Rhode Island. They are truly in great condition and feature beautifull wrappings, high end Fin-Nor guides, and detachable Aftco bent butts. The reels are also in great condtion with just a few light scratches. Loaded with 130 lb dacron and top shot of 100 yds 150 lb Jinkai. Sold the boat and don't use them anymore.

Asking $775.00 ea or $1450.00 for the pair

R E D U C E D $695.00 ea or 1350 for the pair

Call 201-926-8315 or PM me
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