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Guess I'm legal now.....

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Just got my official National Saltwater Angler Registry card in the mail today.....I'm good til next Feb.....
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I got mine today, I guess you registered on the 1st also.
got mine also
Didn't get mine yet it will probably get here in the next day or 2 i registered on jan. 1st.
I got mine and it expires 1/01/2011. Now I'll just have to put my National Saltwater Angler Registry card in with my Boater Safety card and my Boat/Driver's license. Hope I never loose all this info. I'm gonna have to start a rainy day fund for those spot checks on the water to hedge against the day I leave the info at the dock or loose it... I'll get a ticket from every letter in the alphabet. I think I'm gonna start that fund by playing liars poker with my National Saltwater Angler Registry number. I've got 5 nines....:wave:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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