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My wife starting putting away Christmas Decorations and when she went to place the other stuff back out these were NOT on the list to be put back out. Whole collection,they were not smoked around EVER maybe a little house dust on them(they were displayed)but no rips or tears.Will not seperate must sell as whole lot.Try here first $50. than go to List and e-bay. Going to ask more.I also have pics of each one e-mail for all the pics.
Large Play by Play
1-Pink Pig w/tag Officail HD w/sleeveless black t shirt
1-Pink Pig w/tag Official HD w/leather vest n White t shirt
1-Ms Bear w/tag n denium mini skirt n leather vest
1-BullDog w/tag Jeans n sleeveless shirt black n bandana
1-Eagle w/tags n leather hat n scarf
1 Mr Bear w/tag n white t-shirt n vest n hat
All in great shape with alittle dust on them

Small(mini's) HD Bean Bag Plush
1-Bull w/tags n denium jacket
1-Baby Bear w/tag n white baby tank top and denium shorts
1-Black sheep w/tags n denium frilly jacket n hat
1-Toad w/tags n denium jscket and chaps n hat
1-Duck(?) with Sunglasses w/tag and orange pull over shirt
1-Skunk(pretty cool looking)w/tags n gangster bandana n sunglasses n a Purple pull over shirt.

Like I said ALL have Harley Tags and clothing with Harley Davidson printed all over. If you want to see al pics e-mail me at [email protected] at the time I probably paid $50 for just 1 of them. Looked them up on E-bay they run about 10-20 a peice for the bigger ones I couldn't even find the smaller ones.
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