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Harrisburg Sportsman Show + FREE F&S Subscription

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I just purchased my advance ticket online for the sportsman show in Harrisburg. I found out that when you purchase the ticket you are also eligible for a free one year subscription to one of the following: Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and Saltwater Sportsman. The ticket is only $12 and there are no processing fees.

Just thought I'd share! check out the link:

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I bought tickets for my buddy and me, we're going on Wed Feb 10. Bought the tickets separately so I should be getting one year of F&S and another Outdoor Life.
They did the free subscription last year too. I hadn't read F&S in years (I don't hunt), and I actually found a lot of fishing articles this year. Best show in PA, by far, but it has changed in the age of Walmart, Dick's and the Cabela's and BPS stores. Mostly marinas and guides/outfitters because they're aren't many ma and pa shops left!
you are bused in like going to a concentration camp :eek:, a little too crowed for me
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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