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Helen H - 1/16

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Really tough and disappointing trip.
Brutal conditions. Was blowing about 15 to 20 at the dock and was supposed to lat down during the day - not. By the time we got to the fishing grounds it was blowing a solid 20 with higher gusts, seas were 6 feet and up. The boat did not anchor over the wrecks, we drifted over them. Basically drop down with 24 ozs., drift for a couple of minutes, reel back up and do it again. Winds kept on building during the day, probably blowing 30 with higher gust and seas to 9 feet when we headed in. Between the four of us we had 13 keepers, 23 to 28 inches. The pool winner was about 8 lbs. Worst conditions that I have ever recreationally fished in. Captain certainly tried his hardest on the trip, even tried power drifting drifting over the last wreck. There were fish at each wreck we stopped on but conditions made it extremetly difficult to keep the bait or jig on the bottom. Maits had their hands full with tangles. The maits were very good. Better luck next time.
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