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Not to sound cynical, but are any fishing organizations supporting this. I worked on LBI for 8 years, and still reside there. WHile I enjoy a morning session in headhigh surf in the winter as much as the next water rat, I remain cautious when petitions are brought forth. Broken Bobber, IS the LBIFC supporting this? Is our Honorable Jim Saxton supporting this (not being condescending in any manner, I will continute to vote for Jim as long as I am in the area)? Is the JCAA in favor of this?

I do not know you, and after reading the words from the surf rider foundation, I am hesistant as I do not know if words and data are being manipulated for the betterment of surf breaks, while fisherman suffer?

PLease, please, please provide me with more information. If the above organizations are in favor, than I will trust the knowledge of Tom Fote, Ed Cherry, Bob Burstein, and the countless others of such great clubs and quickly sign the petition in favor of protecting both your breaks (Hudson or Holyoake??) and my current honey holes. Looking forward to your reply.
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