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Originally posted by JIM KIRN:
Any help is appriciated I'll be travaling S on
I-95 it's on flower St under CBB I beleive. hitting It Sat,Thanks Good Fishin :confused:
Stay on 95S about 10 minutes past the airport you will get off on the Highland Ave exit bearing right to stop sign. Turn right on Highland Ave. Go a few blocks to 9th St. Make a left at 9th St follow to Flower St you will see the Barry bridge. Go right on Flower St. till you hit the boat launch. That area can be rough sometimes be careful. No one ever bothered me some time back but they thought I must have been crazy putting a 12 ft. with a 71/2 HP in the river. Come to think of it that is crazy. Good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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