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The trick with tog is that you have to hook them before they bite, otherwise they steal your bait. :D :D
I have used fiddler crabs but not hermit crabs.

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Hermit crabs are so soft that you only
get one shot at the fish. Most toggers
are conditioned to wait until after the
first few pecks to set the hook. With
hermits that is too late. It is really
tough to hook tog on that first bite.
For the bigger hermits, some use a two
hook rig to cover the tail and body.
Toggin with hermit crabs can save a tough
day, but if the fish are biting, crabs are
a whole lot easier to hook up with. When
it gets real cold, I have found that hermits
are great for getting the bite started and
then I lower some slimmy clams down and
hook up quite nicely.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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