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Herring Run

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Has anyone heard of any herring around.
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I heard that they are getting herring in deal. near the flume and in the lake
Welcome Chumbox, I'm from pine beach.

can you cast net for them in the lake? i know you need a freshwater license..
I don't think you need a freshwater license; honestly I think that they don't consider that fishing; line, rod, and hook is what they say is fishing.
JP, I wrote to you in the freshwater forum.. I live in your town too but I work out near Long Branch. I also heard that you need a freshwater license to take herring in Deal Lake. I think they might be talking about shad darts in that lake. That is a form of fishing for herring. I think though that if you are netting maybe that is the loophole..
You can cast net to them without a license as was told to me directly by a CO. You must comply with the size of the net requirement though. If memory serves correctly you can not exceed an 8' diameter net which when held vertically is 4'.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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