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herring storm

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has anybody seen the storm swim shad in the six inch herring pattern, it looks pretty promising and ive only seen it once, i picked up a pack , has anybody used these with any success
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picked up a pack this spring too, haven't used them yet, waiting for signs of herring in the Big D or the flumes!! can't wait!!
I have heard about them but have not seem them anywhere.

Anyone gat a picture?

Where did you purchase these?
i got them at wal mart it was the only pack
in a little i will get a picture up for you

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not exactly

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Ahh, ok. I had the 3\" herring.
That kind of looks like their blue shad pattern, but more silvery. That sure is a hard patterm to find.
I just went to their site for the first time - didnt realize they had so many new lures!

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