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Its been the coldest winter on record since 1900 down here. That being said the water temp in the ocean has climbed back up to 68-70 and the back bay (indian river about the same. A few weeks ago the bay dropped down to 46 degrees and thousands of fish died. Off the beach it has been warm once you get 5 to 10 miles off and the bottom fishing has been pretty awsome. We put out a couple live baits on top while bottom fishing and have picked up Mahi, Cobia, Kingfish, sailfish, and amberjacks while on the bottom its been all kinds of snapper, grouper, triggerfish, and sea bass. Nurse sharks and other weird things get hooked ever once in awhile just to keep you on your toes. The variety of species has realy spoiled me. I cant stand how in NJ its basicaly a one species fishery most of the year because of seasons and just plain boring fishing we have up there.
Kayaking and power boating has been tough since christmass with all the non stop wind. Ive been taking up surf fishing the last couple weeks with my wife and Im actualy starting to enjoy sitting in the beach chair with 3 rods going and a few bud light limes in the ice chest. Pompano and whiting are the two species biting right now on the beach. We had a 17 inch pompano a few days ago but I heard about a 9 pounder caught yesterday nearby.
The kayak fishing before the big kill was steady with redfish ,seatrout, small snook and jacks hiding under the mangroves. The old saying that 10% of the habitat holds 90 % of the fish is realy true in the back and Im still trying to learn at what tide and what depth, what fish are hiding where. My knowledge of fluke and bass dont help down here.
Everyone tells me its to cold although it gets up to 75 to 80 degrees each afternoon for a few hours. They all tell me the best fishing of the year is just about to start. So Ill see what happens the next two months before I have to return and get to work.
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