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I called you and told you that I wanted to buy the two(2) Penn Jigmaster rods that you offered for sale in your "Tons of Rods For Sale" post, and I agreed to pay your asking price for both.

When I called you to make the offer, YOU AGREED. I told you I would call you on Monday to set up a date/time to pay for them and pick them up, since I am in Howell and you are nearby in Brick.

In the last 2 weeks, I have tried calling you at least 4 times, and I shot you an e-mail directly.

To date, you have not responded to any of my messages. WHAT GIVES?

Last week, I purchased two Penn 209's for those rods, and I am looking to get them ASAP.

Are you ducking me, or is there a legitimate reason why you have not tried to get back to me? :confused:

Please respond.

- Thanks,
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