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Hood Ornaments from the Duke of Fluke! STALKER II

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J.k. All kidding's truly a great honor to win this thing! George and Cathy Algard throw the best fluke tournament on the east coast!

My crew consisted of my dad, my wife my buddy Mike (bird) and myself. Everyone was on the same page and fished their hearts out! When I say I wanted to win this year, that would be a understatement for one, and I mean no one wants to win more than me....but then again it's great to be fishing with greats friends and your family!

Arrived to the area where we would call home for the day a bit after everyone else..(only cause my boat isn't a rocket ship):D. We started fishing at around 8:45am. On the first drift
we had bites right outta the gate..but just 17-20" fish...nothing to big. About the 3rd drift
"Bird" gets a decent 3 plus pound fish that was nice and eventually would get bumped out of the top 5 for the boat.

That spot dried up, but I knew later it would turn on there.......;)

So we jumped around and boated a few more keeper sized fish, then my wife nails a good one around 4lbs plus or so. Then another good one hits the deck in the 4's. By then it was near
11am. I said to the crew...I'm going back over the first spot. We set back up and caught a
few fish....the second drift all hell breaks loose on the deck of the Stalker II!!! First my dad gets the bite of his life! I knew as soon as he hooked it, it was big. He fought it perfect and
got the first monster to the net...a 28" 8.11lber:fighting: Then just about 1 minute later my
wife is hooked up with a very solid fish that proved to be 6.3lbs. She dropped back down and
got snagged almost as soon as she hit the bottom. I handed her my rod and dropped another rod down that would have been hers and got slammed as soon as I touched bottom......the next 20 seconds felt like hours!!!:eek: I had to back off the drag a tad because the head shakes were so violent! But I took my time and Bird netted him perfectly! Another moose hit the deck...this time a 28 1/2"er that was 9.1lbs and all of this on the same drift!
Overwhelmed with happiness I literally broke down into tears and cried like a baby as I was
moving back for another drift...."hence, no one wants it more than me";)!!!

So we debated on whether or not we should stay or get back for weigh in...We opted to get
going by 2pm and we were 3rd in line to weigh in. We thought about going for both single and 5 heaviest...with one more 6lb fish it would have been possible, but we made the call and it was the right one to put them in the 5 combined heaviest.

Our total weight for 5 fish was 33.30 lbs

I want to thank Tom from Bluefrog bucktails for getting me a speedy order...his bucktails did the trick! They were all over them!!!:thumbsup

Also wanted to say congrats to the crew from the Tuna don't ever give up till the
end....they didn't and they pulled it off in the last hour of the tournament! Great job Capt Scott and crew! And also to the Admbomb crew for their second place winnings! Great job!


A lot of people came up to me yesterday after the tournament and were telling me how great I am and all that. Well thank you, but ....I just really love fishing! Especially for fluke!!! I
know it's my job, but if I could never sleep and just fish non stop I literally would! My poor wife:D

Thanks everyone!
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Great job....Congrats..Thats alot of fish!!!!!:thumbsup:

Your detailed report really illustrates why fisherman fish, and the emotions that can go along with a great catch and winning a tornament. Surely not to be forgotten for many years. Well done. I really enjoyed reading it.. Congrats on your win and incredible catch.
Great Job Skip!!! You da MAN!!!
Congrats to you and your crew Skip.:thumbsup:
Wow skip Congratulations! What a great report and an even better day on the water with family and friends. I am sure having family with you made this win even sweeter!

Thanks for the support of Bluefrog Bucktails, we really appreciate your dedication

Great job!!!!!!
Nice job, congratulations :)
congrats skip---is that the 5 heaviest stringer ever ???
This just gets me so hyped up to be fishing with you on Tuesday Skip!!!!! Congrats bro!!! Can't wait to fish even more now.

You da man! Congrats on yet another win! I think you and Adam were the favorites to win it and you did not disappoint!
Great Job Skip!!:thumbsup: The passion is what its all about in any sport...Thats what I strive for in life is to do whatever I have the most passion for...and you showed that in this post and you also show it in your charter buisness. Ever since Oscar introduced me to you he pulled me aside and said "no matter what you do...try and learn from him" and every since that day i've been like a sponge when I fish with you and read your posts...This kinda stuff just inspires me to fish harder. Thanks!
Congrats also to Scotty and Adam.

hell yeah Skip!! Enjoy it man..
Congrats on the win skip! If you really like to fish nothings better than figuring out the fluke bite on any given day. Most people with boats our size/range think were nuts going fluking rather than offshore more. I say they'd rather drive/burn time and fuel, rig, drag baits, clear lines, cut, chuck bait and wait than work a rod and jig or rig for bites all day....i.e., fishing.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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