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I am all ears on this one.

New to the Toggin scene actually. I love it!!

Caught my limit today, but it took 3 hours. Would have been done in 45 minutes had I not lossed about 20. I think it is the way I hook the crab.

Any masters out there that want to share how they hook'em??

Thanks in advance
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Trust me -#6 Virginia style. I usually buy 300 or 400 at a time from mail order catalog. Tie on 6" to 8" 40lb leader. Tie loop at end of line for sinker. Up about 3" tie a loop for the hook. Any kind of crab is good. About the size of a silver dollar is great. Cut crab in half, cut off claw, remove the shell. Put the hook in crab between 2 rear legs and bring it forward. Let it come out of crab either between legs or out a leg socket. Leave the hook fully exposed. Drop it down and keep it still. In the spring clam will catch as many as crabs. There's nothing like a 5 lb or better tog on the end of your line. Good luck.
Dr.B, I have never heard of anyone ever being bitten by a tog. I don't think they are aware that their teeth can be used as weapons. However I will never put a finger in their mouth to find out.
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