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I am all ears on this one.

New to the Toggin scene actually. I love it!!

Caught my limit today, but it took 3 hours. Would have been done in 45 minutes had I not lossed about 20. I think it is the way I hook the crab.

Any masters out there that want to share how they hook'em??

Thanks in advance
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My preferred hook for tog is a Virginia hook, a Mustad 4011E, size 4/0 and 5/0.

I usually get a 100 pack from Jamestackle.

Oh, and as far as hooking, yes, through the leg hole, claws removed so the tog don't have a "hand to pull them off your hook.

I also many times use what I am told is a BelMar or a Cape May rig, which is simply two hooks tied together so that when you hold the rig by the loop to put on the line, the two hooks hang like an umbrells. You put both hooks into one crab. Use a whole one here unless it is too big.

To tie this rig you simply take a length of leader, snell a hook on both ends, then knot it so that each hook has a 4-6 inch length, and then tie a dropper loop about 3 more inches above where the "umbrella" is to hook on to your line.

Works well. Good luck.

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I agree with you. The way you suggest tying the hook and sinker on is basically the equivalent of a Snafu rig.

I also have, at times, put a heavier sinker on to get down quicker and hold the line still. A flat bank sinker is about the best.

I switch back and forth between thwe two types of rigs. I guess I am inconsistent. :confused:

I will have to try the gami hooks. Lord knows I could use some help with these tog!

Time for bed. I am going wreck fishing with Adam Bomb at 800am this morning. Hope we have something good to post!
Good toggin' to all.
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I had just arrived at our Cape May place an hour before.

But, I have a project in Viet Nam and i was sending information to some of they guys. Well, you know how it is when you're on the 'puter----you have to check the Barn before you go to bed. :D You were up at a God-awful hour copmpared to me. You OKAY? LOL!! Hope so! ;)

Dr. Bass, they say if fish were a football team, the tog would be the fullback with their short power bursts. My best is only 12 1/2 pounds, but he put up a hell of a tussle.

I'm looking for my first 15+ pounder. :eek:
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