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I am all ears on this one.

New to the Toggin scene actually. I love it!!

Caught my limit today, but it took 3 hours. Would have been done in 45 minutes had I not lossed about 20. I think it is the way I hook the crab.

Any masters out there that want to share how they hook'em??

Thanks in advance
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Biggest Don't you know the older you get the less sleep you need.!!!

Thanks gentlemen.

TOGGINBOB, I gotta agree with you. I have been pleasantly surprised with the action and fight in a Tog. Caught my first 5+ pounder last week, fought like a 15-20 pound bass IMHO. And it never stopped until it was in the boat. They do seem to lose all fight once they are on land/boated however. Blows striper away in my book as far as the meat goes.

Anyone ever been bitten by those teeth?? The ones I have caught don't seem to agressive. Not like a blue that literally launches at your hands!!!
Dr.B, I have never heard of anyone ever being bitten by a tog. I don't think they are aware that their teeth can be used as weapons. However I will never put a finger in their mouth to find out.

I had just arrived at our Cape May place an hour before.

But, I have a project in Viet Nam and i was sending information to some of they guys. Well, you know how it is when you're on the 'puter----you have to check the Barn before you go to bed. :D You were up at a God-awful hour copmpared to me. You OKAY? LOL!! Hope so! ;)

Dr. Bass, they say if fish were a football team, the tog would be the fullback with their short power bursts. My best is only 12 1/2 pounds, but he put up a hell of a tussle.

I'm looking for my first 15+ pounder. :eek:
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