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How Bad is Wind

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Anyone know how bad the wind is blowing around the Longport/OC area. Hoping to go fishing Monday.
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Still blowing about WNW 20mph with a latest gust around 33mph,but during the day tomorrow it will start off still a little strong between 13-17mph continuing out of the WNW but will drop way down into the evening and overnight Monday to single digits...

Good Luck,,
up at MT washington winds gusting up to 120+ mph

I was in OC last night and it was blowing out of the west pretty good, you could toss a lure a mile out!
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I fished thursday through this afternoon in stone sucked! The wind was still cranking from the West. I believe it's going to settle a little overnight and actually be decent (light) by tomorrow afternoon. Too bad I had to come back home for work!
It was blowing hard this morning, but if the wind is behind you it really isn't so bad. Plus you can toss your plugs a mile.
What is a good plug to use?? I am not familar with plugs.
Skip- you rippin on Tues?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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