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How has the NJ boat license affected the rental guys?

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Rental guys = marina/boat yard owners, now that the guys that are renting are required to have the license, have you seen a drop in boat rentals? Just curious. Thanks!
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You dont need a boating license in NJ to rent a dont even need one to rent a waverunner. Before you rent a boat/ waverunner the place is required to teach you how to use/ operate it.
What a great law, cannot use your own boat without a license, but can rent a wave runner or boat.
I think it's a boat under 15 hp. you don't need one. The waverunners are confined to a certain area.

but if you plan to fish it seem that you will need to register and in the near future a fish liceance
I thought the law read that any boat that is under power you'll need a license/certificate to operate it? I was looking into this to register a flat-back canoe that I have, and that's the jist of it.
The rentals are only able to operate in a predetermined area. The rental boats have 9.9hp engines or less for the most part. As for waverunner rentals there are patrol skis operated by the rental service that keep everyone in the boundaries that are marked by achor balls usually in a sound out of intercoastal waterway.
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