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How To Weight Your Modified Plastic Lures

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In this How-To I will explain a method I use to weight my modified plastic lures. The process will require that you have not already wired or injected your plastics with foam. As with any modification, you can adapt some of your own techniques so don't be afraid to experiment

The key to adding weight to your lure is determining exactly where you want to place the weight. More weight towards the rear will improve the lures casting abilities, while weight towards the front will help the lure "dig." Different types of lures act differently so you'll want to do some experimentation.

Here we go...


  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Digital Scale
  • Rubber bands
  • Lead Wire
  • Steel Shot or Steel Balls
  • Tape

Step #1 Determine Where To Place The Weight

One way to determine where you want to add weight is to start by modifying an "experimental" lure first; a lure that is the same as the one you want to add weight to.

Once you have your experimental lure complete, it's time to start experimenting. You can do this by adding weight to the outside of the lure. One technique would be to wrap various amounts of small diameter lead wire around the outside of the lure. Where you place the lead will be determined by what you want the lure to do - weight towards the front will help the lure dig / Weigh towards the rear will improve how well it casts.

Take the lure for a swim. Use a small rubber band to keep the wire in place while casting (see image) Move the weight around, add weight, subtract weight, etc. Do this until you get things the way you want them. Use a Sharpie to mark the lure were you determine the weight should go. You'll want to keep track of how much weight goes where.

Step #2 Inserting The Weight

With your lure prepared and free of any foam or wire, insert the predetermined amount of weight through the center hole you drilled for injecting foam. Use a digital scale to ensure you are adding the same amount of weight you used with your experimental lure in step - #1.

The next step is to wire the lure.

Once the lure is wired, place a Rare Earth magnet in the location were you want the weight to be placed. Use a piece of tape to keep the magnet in place. Move the lure around until the inserted weight is drawn into place by the magnet.

Inject your lure with foam :)

-Ron Redington

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