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Guys – That’s it!! I’ve had it with this weather. The only silver lining is maybe we are getting all the bad weather out of our system so when summer rolls around we’ll have 4 months of light and variable. That said, what a better time then to get away from this horrible weather and spend a day talking, dreaming and learning about offshore fishing at our New York Seminar on Saturday, February 27 in Long Island.

The heavy snow is going to be well over by Friday afternoon and Long Island is only expected 3-6 inches so as always our show will go on!!! (If needed we’ll be having a late start to allow the plows to do their job but with highs in the mid to upper 30s on Saturday the roads show be fine – I’ll be making further announcements on this if needed.)

The bad weather is actually a blessing as another group at the hotel cancelled and opened up more space for us – so we have about 50 more tickets to sell.

In an effort to thank everyone for coming out we are going to be offering some huge discounts only for those who attend including:

20%-30% off All our Tackle

$1,000 off an Overnighter on the Canyon Runner

$12,000+ in DOOR PRIZES!



You need to call 732-842-6825 for tickets in advance


Email me at [email protected]

If you haven’t heard about our Seminars before just ask around to anyone who’s attended. Or read below for the topics covered.

1) The Art of Tuna Trolling - Techniques & Patterns - Advanced Training - Canyon Runner Crew
2) Inshore Bluefin Chunking & Light Tackle Techniques - Schoolies to Mediums! – Canyon Runner Crew
3) The Art of Marlin Trolling Techniques & Patterns - Advanced Training - Canyon Runner Crew
4) Tilefishing - Captain Jeff Gutman - Voyager - World Record Tilefish Holder & Canyon Runner Crew
5) Anchoring in the Deep - Captain Jeff Gutman - Voyager - World Record Tilefish Holder & Canyon Runner Crew
6) Water Temp & Turbidity - Advanced for Prior Attendees Only - Capt. Len Belcaro
7) Electronics Troubleshooting & Maintenance - Northstar/Simrad Techs
8) Knot Tying & Testing with State of the Art Digital Line Tester - Team Berkley

9) Bluefin on the Troll - Advanced Training - Mediums and Giants! - Canyon Runner Crew
10) The End Game - Advanced Leadering, Gaffing & Harpoon Techniques - Canyon Runner Crew
11) Offshore Sharking Techniques - Capt. Kevin Glynn - Offshore Innovations Team
12) Effective Use of Your Electronics to Find Fish - Canyon Runner Team Northstar
13) Water Temp Analysis - Basic Courses for First Time Attendees - Capt. Len Belcaro
14) Learn How to Rig Ballyhoo for Tuna
15) Learn How to Rig all your Chunking Gear like a Professional Mate - Canyon Runner Crew
16) Learn Everything You'll Ever Need to Know about Swordfishing - Canyon Runner Crew
17) Learn Advanced Jigging Techniques for Tuna - Kil Song
18) Reel Maintenance and Repair - Penn Reel Technicians
19) Spectra/Top-Shot Techniques - Basil Pappas - BHP Tackle

The 2010 Seminar will be held at the Huntington Hilton in Long Island, NY - February 27 ($120/person).

You can pay with AMEX, Visa, or Mastercard.

Click Here for 33+ Pages of Testimonials Final.pdf

Click Here for Power & Motoryachting Article on our Seminars
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