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what are you and your gang going to do for the march on Washington?

We need to get everyone who is remotely pissed off to show up, or
sign our petition. Beat the drums my friend.

Captn Joe
Capt Joe,

Don't worry about me, I will be there with bells on and, I have been beating the drum just as hard as you have been brother. What surprises me are the number of people that claim to care about fishing and then say they are too busy to make the trip to D.C..:nuts:

This is our best chance to make a resounding statement and show our numbers in force to the people that think they can walk all over us without any resistance. There has even been a small leak in their master plan recently which proves we can influence changes. We have more control of our future fisheries than they do but, we have to show up and be counted for it to make a difference! I will be there. Will you?
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