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i think i'm going to buy a kayak..need help

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new to thinking of buying a it possible to get one that can be used to tool around in the surf for my teenagers and fish the back for me....any brands preferred...or to stay away from...looking at a hobie on ebay, not sure of model....any help will be appreciated....peace out, steve
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Used ones usually command $$. If you're lucky, you may find someone cleaning out the garage, just wanting to get rid of one. Your best bet might be a Sit On Top (SOT) style vs. Sit IN Kayak (SINK).

If you jusy want to LOOK AT kayaks, might be the closest place with largest selection. You just missed the 20% off sale. It ended yesterday. Ask about the next Yak Attack (a weekly, casual kayak outing. They wil bring one for you to try.)

Otherwise, they're pretty much the same price everywhere. Package deals can be negotiated. Clews and Strawbridge, in Frazer, PA, carries the Hobies, if you want to see one up close.

Besides the guys on bassbarn, here is a good site, for Q & A, reviews, plenty of opinions.

Also, dedicated to fishing is:

Give it a shot. I got a kayak in May, on a whim. I've had a good time with it, so far. Haven't even tried the fishing, yet.
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i have a hobie hank parker edition. it has a pedal drive option and makes it a must for fishing. check it out. go steelers

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Contact Barrel. He should be able to help you out.
Actualy they are not the same price everywhere. There are dramatic differences in prices if you shop around. Ebay is the worst place for hobies because the company will not allow discounting on the web. We will have the Hobies down in Millville for free demo day on saturday. There will be many other dealers there allowing you to try their yaks. Kfs is one of the most expensive places to shop I am suprised how much it gets recomended.
For the surf, don't even try a sit-in model.

Looks like a nice yak in the Barn Sale. Go for it!

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I picked up two Oceans last year> I think mine is a Caper. It's really nice. It's paddle drive but stable. Bought it at a place west of Tuckerton. Can't remember the name...something canoe and kayak. I like the place b/c I tested 10 yaks before picking this one. They also cut me a deal and tossed in free stuff.
thanks guys, anyone ever try emotion kayak...they make them here in reading....peace out, steve
Eaglesfan, I have a Wave Ski, Kyll make from Australia. Way better than a yak in the surf! It's made for surfing, but paddles like a kayak, really fun. Give me shout if you or the kid would like to try it out. As far a purchasing, Sterling Harbor in Shaw Crest has Hobies all tricked out and ready to go.
Eagles fan- We used to sell the emotions but dropped the line. They are nice guys but cant seem to get a good kayak fishing design down. They tend to be to small and tippy or to big and cumbersome.
If you want to go fishing on a hobie come down to Brigantine. Ill take you out to try one or all the models.
Kayaks made for riding in the Surf, would probably not be the type of Kayak you would want for fishing. Surf Kayaks are normally short, wide and Flat, with no hatches. Fishing Kayaks usually have hatches, rod holders, etc. There are a few Ocean Kayak models that you could probably surf and fish with but there will be a compromise either way. (i.e. legnth, width, hatches, etc.)
We sell Hobie Fishing Kayaks, and Ocean Kayaks. You are more than welcome to stop by and check them out, or take a test ride right out back of our shop.
I have a Hobie Mirage/ peddle drive and love it. Keeps the hands free to fish. You could keep the drive out and let the kids paddle with it I guess. Test drive both types with Barrell and see the difference.
barrell knows best

i bought mine at the rootbeer barrell in brigantine. they try out the stuff first and answer all your questions. they also stand behind the product. great prices but even better service, ask for john you can't go wrong.
I am thinking of purchasing an Outback. Just how big of a cooler can be
used. It has a pretty small tankwell. Has anyone jury rigged a way to use a 48 qt Igloo or some other brand. I will be fishing mostly in the daytime when the sun is really hot. I need something that will hold a 10 pound bluefish or 20 inch flounder.
You can get a stringer or a dive bag. That way you can put your tackle behind you. There are also kayak specific insulated fish bags that fit on the front of the kayak $$$ , or you can get an insulated bag from Walmart for about $10.

Personally I would not want to try and put a 10# blue into a cooler behind me. With my luck he would flop away and try to bite my wedding tackle.
13' Prowler by Ocean Kayak

eaglesfansteve said:
new to thinking of buying a it possible to get one that can be used to tool around in the surf for my teenagers and fish the back for me....any brands preferred...or to stay away from...looking at a hobie on ebay, not sure of model....any help will be appreciated....peace out, steve

I have a 13' Prowler from Ocean Kayak. It is a good all rounder in my opinion. A shorter Kayak would be nice for your kids because at 13' it is a little large for most surf riding and it is a bit heavy when you are getting pushed around in the surf that's only 3' deep but filled with white water. But it's still a reasonable choice. I'd say - nothing more than 13' to be sure.

where do you put this Wal-mart cooler? In the back or on the front deck,
in the tank well or the front hatch? Will a 10 pound bluefish fit in it? I want to buy the Outback this week. I wanted to buy the Quest but after
talking to Barrell he thinks the Outback is the way to go. I want to use it in Sandy Hook in open water and in Delaware bay.

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