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pack of pearl bass assassins
pack of pearl hard nose flukes
hard nose frog
10'' berkley worms black w/ blue flake
king shad in gizzard shad
firetiger ratltrap
baby bass ratltrap
perch xrap
clown husky jerk
storm bluegills 3''
strike king 3/8oz white w/ red spinner bait
i guess a pack of watermelon senkos
and lots of roostertails

thats about it.

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4" Pumpkin Green Flake Senko's
Zarra Puppy Chrome or G-finish
Floating Rapala 2 3/4" Gold
Tiny Torpedo Chrome
Small Willow Strike King Spinnerbait Chart/Wht
Chrome Blue Rattletrap
10" Black Red Flake Power Worm
Chart Baby 1-
Cabelas Aqua Glow Frog Watermelon Red Flake
Chug Bug Chrome
!/4oz White Buzzbait
Shad Rap Perch
4" RattleSnake Worm Pumpkin/Chart
Spro Frog Green
Roostertail 1/8oz White

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Pound of bacon

2 bobbers
dozen hooks

and a 12 back of yuenglng or heineken whichever is in the fridge!

but than again thats why i can not catch anything other than pickerel around me! hahaha

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Jigs with black/blue plastic crawfish, silver rapala, popper and tubes in pumpkin seed and motor oil, a white and a black rooster tail, a white spinner bait and a chartruse spinner bait. Every thing sized according to the bass I was targeting/ large or small mouth.

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I can't believe only 1 other person mentioned a jig and pig.Actually I'm a lil glad,knowing competition is limited on these NJ waters........jk OK so 10 lures

1- black&blue jig w/trailer for overcast days and dingy water (rattle added)

2- brown&orange jig w/trailer (for spring crawls comin outta the mud)

3- crome w/blue back rattle trap (various sizes to match hatch)

4- rapala dt-4 silver & black

5- watermelon 4"tube w/chartruse tail

6- 5" watermelon senko

7- boo-yah counterstrike spinner bait (chartruse 1 willow 1 colorado)

8- 5" white zara spook

9- shakey head w/4" purple venom ring worm

10- spro frog (white & yellow):p

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i cant go with 10 got to bring the box lol but
1. rapala orignal float firetigger
2.boyah counter strike white
3.senkos 4 inch
4.rapala jointed shad rap firetiger
5.boyah baby jig white w/white trailer
6.boyah boogie bait white
7.bekley gulp worms
8.strike king 3/4 white w/ red
9.Johnson® Original Beetle Spin white w/ red dot
10.rapala hucky jerk
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