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Ignition switch?...

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Can anyone recommend a GOOD ign key switch it must have the push in option for the choke/primer. I'm not really into a plastic one, thats what i have now and the "spring back" from start to run always seems to get stuck after a year or so on the plastic ones. I would like a brass one but I cant seem to find one with the choke/primer option:huh:

Thanks in advance:thumbsup:
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You are decribing an OMC/Bomb key switch.. What engine/year??
You are decribing an OMC/Bomb key switch.. What engine/year??
Yes I am, 1987 Evinrude 225 looper and to add to that- I don't use a sidemount box I user a binnacle control- so I mounted and wired the key up in the gauges area of the console.

Thanks Bob
Most key switch problems are from "aftermarket" switches.

Get a genuine Evinrude BRP keyswitch. They are shrinkwrapped with factory logos, not loose items in a bin.
You could always install a push button switch along side the ignition for the choke.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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