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without a doubt i think it would be a 28 carolina classic; it is a stud, can fish offshore with comfort and safety, can raise fish and most importantly it will get you home. Remember, once you get to the edge you still have to focus on fishing and feel confident, many many times when I had 30 ft boat, i'd get to the edge but conditions would deteriorate and i was too worried about wave direction, boat angle etc.... to concentrate soley on fishing. One year i fished the wmo on a 28 cc and was blown away by its stability and "backbone" for a little boat. We fished in 8 to 10s all week bc we had to, and we felt safe the whole time. Very nice little boat. Not a speedster but all around good entry level canyon boat. In that size range you really have to accept your compromises, so you'll give up speed but get beam, stability, diesel torque, weather protection, and fish raising ability. All things needed for canyon fishing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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