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If you want more bunker around show up for the ASMFC Bunker Plan Meeting on June 28th.

Let them know the proposed cap on Omega Proteins bunker catches is a good first step but it NOT nearly enough!

The health of the Bunker stocks effects every species we fish for. No bait, no fish. Let's have a strong turn out, this one's important. You don't have to speak, a packed house will get the message accross.

JUNE 28th, 2005 (6:30 PM):
NEW: ASMFC Public Meeting on Draft Addendum II to Amendment 1 to the Atlantic Menhaden Fishery Management Plan, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, Nacote Creek Research Station, 360 New York Road, Route 9, Port Republic, New Jersey. For more information, please contact Bruce Freeman at (609) 633-2408.
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