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In The Wake of the Tsunami - Asia's Fishing Industry Hit Hard

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Asia's fishing industry loses $520 million

Associated Press ? Feb. 22, 2005

ROME ? The December tsunami cost the fishing industries of the seven countries hit hardest by the catastrophe $520 million, a United Nations food agency said recently.

The Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization said 111,073 fishing vessels were destroyed or damaged; 36,235 engines were lost or damaged beyond repair; and 1.7 million units of fishing gear ? such as nets, tackle, and similar equipment ? were destroyed. The seven countries include India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The agency estimated that the cost of repairs of other damages, such as fishing industry infrastructure and harbors, would be about $200 million.

The agency said it has sent 22 fisheries specialists to the area, and another 11 are on their way. The FAO also said it is looking both at immediate relief ? including repairing boats, buying and distributing ropes and nets ? and a longer-term strategy.

Jeremy Turner, head of the agency's Fishery Technology Service, said it is also proposing advice that would contribute to sustainable fishing in the region. "We must ensure that we do not surpass the level of fishing capacity that was there before the disaster," he said.

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I know its not poltically correct but in a way it may help some fisheries to recover from fishing pressures.
Good point, the people starve, but you will have more fish to catch.
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