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I found the above subject in the "HOME PORT".
I would like to thank NIGHTSTRIKES for his time and energy to finally get some information on this.
There are a few things that bother me about this post.
PLEASE bear with me.

I was sure this subject has been looked at before.
I did some searching in past files here on the BARN. I looked in the "STRIPER" forum. (silly me)
There I found a post by "DING" dated 08/27/03,,,
One by "SEABEAR" in home port dated 07/20/03...
One by me "THE HARD WAY" dated 05/03/04,,,
By looking at these posts I have some BIG questions about the reply from "NIGHTSTRIKES" responder.
By looking at the above reports it seems to me the infection has been around for some time.
Some results have been published right here on this very informative site.
I think that is why this and other sties are VERY important to help ALL of us fish better and be safe at it.
The DO NOT TOUCH WARNING has been talked about.
The need for gloves is very important.
I would not put or keep a bass like this in my cooler.
I would (and do) bring a few heavy duty trash bags in my tackel box. I would put the fish in it and ice it well.

NIGHTSTALKER I am not knocking you.
Your information is very important weather as new news or a review. I just wonder where your responder is coming from. Dose he not know about the infection or does he think it is new?


The Hard Way
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