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Inshore grand slam this morning

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Had a grand slam this morning, only not on a fly rod. Charter I had out was only spin rod. Left the dock at 4:00 a.m. Fogged in real heavy. Worked the bridge shaddow lines and caught a bass, missed one and had a few blues.

Around 5:00 a.m. worked the end of the rocks and had a couple of blues. We then went in along the beach front where there were lots of sea herring. Saw a guy get quite a few. We were searching for bass using plugs. We picked a blue here and a blue there. Changed to rubber storm swimming baits and found a spot with some nice weakies to 19 3/4 inches with most being around 18 to 19 inches and missed a few.

At this same spot we got a 18 inch fluke to complete our grand slam. When the bite stopped we came back into the back bay with the fog and figured we would work some sod banks with poppers.
Landed a small bass and missed a nice one and got another blue. Water was around 60 degrees everywhere we fished and the water was nice and clean. Kept 7 of the weakies and the one fluke.

Was still pretty foggy as I cleaned the boat would close in again every few minutes. Sure beat fishing in the sun.
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nothing like that grande salami

and this is the time of year to get it - nice!

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Nice to see some weakies around
Ray...that sounds like a great morning...congrats to you for putting your charter on the meat.

By the way, Lunchman and I were talking about you this weekend...we think we might want to charter you in the near future. Can you take 2 people?
Awesome Ray, I'll bet the charter had a blast!!!
Yes, Steve I do two person charters.

After this mornings grand slam with my charter on spinning gear and with the fog lasting all day I had the need to get out. Called Peter Cole up and told him with the fog I think we could get some fish.

Tide was better than half out. Left the dock at 3:30 p.m. Still pretty foggy but not too bad. Went to spot that drains flats into the intercoastal waterway. Stopped the boat in about 5 foot of nice clean green water and Peter said he saw the flash of a fish.

First cast with a Chart/yellow grizzly feather deceiver I hook up.

Could see the bass come up and strike in the clean water on almost every fish. Fish were aggressive and we had many hits. My fly was not much different than Petes but I was getting more hook ups. In an hour and a half we ended up with 9 bass and three blues and Peter lost one fly to a blue. He did get the nicest fish.

As the tide was dying and the water was getting real shallow we decided to head out the inlet. Found nothing at the rocks so we thought we would try for some weakies where I caught this morning.

First couple of casts we were into weakies and sea herring. Peter was using a yellow/white jiggie and I was using a super small fly. It was hits on almost every cast. Weakies were all smaller than we caught this morning but most were keeper size. We released them all. Pete got the smallest weakie of the day. Had to get a picture of the big weakie killer so we could put it next to the big one he got two weeks ago.

It was one heck of an afternoon. We got 15 or more weakies a mess of sea herring and a few more blues. We had close to 40 fish in total in less than 4 hours fishing. I put a clouser on trying for a fluke with no luck. It was some of the hottest fly fishing we ever had and we enjoyed every minute of the afternoon.

Here is a shot of a weakie with 1 1/2 long fly with a big clip attached. So much for fish seeing it and being scared away.
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Nice job, Ray. Good reports. Thank you.

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Sounds like an awesome afternoon.

We'll be in touch about the charter. Thanks.
Nice catch, good to see some weakfish around again this year.

Nice back to back missions!!! I guess your metallic loop also places some doubt on the theory that flourocarbon line draws more strikes than mono, bacuse the fish can see your line when using mono. I'm pretty sure they can see the line, but for the most part that has little effect on whether they strike or not.
Good job man. I missed the slam earlier this week cause I couldnt find a BLUEFISH. That was pretty frustrating.

Nice job Ray, I was fishing the sod banks at that same time, the fish were everywhere, we got two kepper flounder and a nice blue, seen some weaks, and found a family of larger stripers, but could not hook em, we threw everything we had at em, but they were stubbern. If you have any advice on what lure to get these picky back bay stripers on, please share.
The weakies are a pretty sight. I would rather see them than stripers or drum. :D
DJ, Had some good plug charters last week. Most of the bass were throwbacks. Smack-it-Jr popping plugs and yozuri Mag Darters and crystal minnows were getting them good. Had one two person trip last week that had 17 bass during the 4 hour trip. Like the popping plugs the best cause you get to see the strike. (atleast if it is somewhat light out.) Solid black or dark colors work best at night. With the popping plugs whether day or night you have to wait till you feel the fish for best hook up results. If you set the hook when you see the splash you will lose a lot of fish.

Logic, I never use anything but plain mono on my leaders. 8, 10, 12, 17lb test and never have a problem of fish being line shy.

Only time use fluro is with False albie or bonita. There they are like tuna with good eyes in the clear water.
I use power pro, do you suggest tying direct or using a fluro leader, which I usually use (30lb).

I also just picked up some small 2 1/2" finess, to imitate the spearing i think the stripers were feeding on. All night the they were popping like fire crackers.

Tonight I will be at the sods from midnight till??.
Just went to Jims, picked up new lures all in black.
Smack it Jr.
Yozuri Mag Darter
Yozuri Mag Popper
Stillwater (Bomber lookalike)

Grand Slam Time, will have camera JIC
DJ Don't know about the power pro. I never use the stuff. I like mono. I have charters that have it on the stuff they bring. Seems like they have more problems with that and Spider Wire. I think it is when they cast light lures and bucktails. I think they spend most of their time taking out tangles.

With the new lures you should be set to get them.

Had another great early evening inbetween the thunderstorms. we almost had another grand slam on the flyrod. Had a good shot. Got the bass, the blues and fluke, but it was too wind and too much surf to hit the beachfront for the weakies. Also got a mess of herring inside the inlet.
Great Job Ray
Headed out this morning gonna try and do the same.
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