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I've used Alan's site. He does nice work.
Regarding your problem. First I've never worked on an International, But if Its anything like a Shimano I'll take a shot.

1) place the spool so that the drag washer is on the right. When you disassemble the drag washer, there are 2 bearings separated with a spring.
This assembly is inserted into the spool from the right hand side.

2) Remove the Click gear assembly from the left hand side of the spool and preload washers can be removed.

I may be wrong, but you may be loading the washers into the wrong side of the reel. They need to be installed into the shaft and inserted the left side of the spool. You can then drop the bearings & spring onto the shaft from the right hand of the spool. This may account for why you don't have enough room with the washers installed.

I hope that this helped.
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