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I would like to introduce you to !

This is a brand new site created for those who would rather spend $500 on a plugs then pay thier car loan ;)

At PLUGREVIEW.COM our goal is to build a huge library of plugs / reviews not just to make us crazier then we already are but to help promote our sport.

This new site will be a great way to get a peak at some of the awesome stuff many of you have stockpiled at home, work, in the trunk of your car, the next door neighbors house, attic, etc ;) It's also going to be a great opportunity for builders / manufactures to show us what they've got. We can see thier old stuff, new stuff or stuff they are working on. Builders will also be able to read reviews on their products. Now how sweet is that

So fire up those flatbed scanners and charge up those digital camera batteries
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