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Invasion of Giant Squid

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was on the news yesterday with pics. but what do you do with giant squid? squid steaks, I guess?

besides for bait, we eat squid a couple of ways, but can't imagine using those huge beasts *LOL*!
now these are what we need for the old grounds---BIG FLUKE BAIT!!!!!!!!
i'm working on the rig now
4---15/0 long shank hooks tied in tandem
200 lb. momoi leader 400 lb. ball bearing swivels
4 tennis balls used as beads
2'x4' piece of diamond plate--used as spinner blade
just imagine :D :D
Anyone know anyone on the west coast catching any of these beasts??? I would SERIOUSLY purchase one....:thumbsup:
I always wanted one rigged up for a big ol blue marlin, - they would eat them. No problem
Squid steaks are aswome. Love themand eat them all the time.
Humbolt squid are psychotic.
That's what we need to get rid of the dogfish:thumbsup:
Guarenteed that would work....
Every year they catch these huge squids in Cabo San Lucas on the troll! They don't just get snagged but actually aggressively attack the bait or lure! The boats harvest the squids and they are considered a delicasy. I also would love to make strip baits for the Old Grounds out of one of these bad boys!
I've caught them at night in the Sea of Cortez. Its quite a sight watching them circle the boat, flashing different colors. When you bring one to the surface, you aim the water jet at the person standing next to you :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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