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Is chapagne island closed?

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I read that they were closing it on this board, however I havent seen any signs indicating that it was closed to people, just dogs. (which is fine by me I dont own one) thanks
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the island sure appears to be open...there is a BIG sign stating "NO DOGS!!!" I thought that pertained to fat chicks..?? ;) :D ...oh well...there seemed to be plenty of people up there last weekend..saw state police boat in the area but he didnt seem too concerned with the island.....the center part of the island is roped off to "protect" or endangered feathered friends.....
Doe's the Pontoon Boat still anchor up there
and grill up Hotdogs and Hamburgers for sale ???
haven't seen the hot dog boat yet but I shy away from weekends! Unless I sneek out under the cover of darkness....
i hope so it is really a good time there, i bring the child and wife, some beer and a grill and have a good time
last time I saw the hot dog boat it was still high and dry at the marina next to the ramp in NWW.....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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