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Jan. 12 togging report.

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Hopped on the Jamacia 2 with Jim for some Tog again. Not a bad day, but it was a slow bite. I only had 3 fish today, but 2 were an 8lber and a 4lber. Jim had a few shorts, and lost a few nice ones. My 8lber ended up taking the pool. Fish seemed to want white leggers today. The guys using them looked to have more fish. All of mine were caught on whites as well. 8 to 10 oz to hold bottom. I think we were in 90 to 100 foot of water. Might head back out tomorrow, its a great week for toggin!:thumbsup:
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thanks for the report we'll be out there Thursday... we're heading deeper looking for cod/ ling..;) might pick up some togies too.
Lost a few nice ones??? Not I missed a nice one

One of my worste trips ever think I had 5 hits all day very disapointing
happened last yr... water got to cold to fast.... i need another hobby
Just talked to lilfisherman another slow slow day out there 3# fish took the pool...and a clam
Just talked to lilfisherman another slow slow day out there 3# fish took the pool...and a clam
yeah looks like toggin is over.. its a shame i waited all yr for this time of yr.. but i'm sure we hit our quota 10 times already :)
I believe your right, Water got cold way to fast and they had no time to adjust. Sloww day on the ocean explorer. Best part was hangen out with Capt Scotty. My buddy took the pool with a 3lber on clam...GO FIGURE!:huh:

Did you guys get any cod or ling at least? And how many tog were caught? I was planning on going tomorrow, but I definitely don't want to go with a terrible report for today. Thanks in advance.
Probably getting back to ya a little late but yes there was a few ling caught too...and the day before they had alot of monster ling and nice blackfish. I think they are still here, just adjusting to the colder temps...Once they do they will feed heavy one more time.
Going on the Gaffer Friday. I don't think it is over. I'll let you know Friday night.
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