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Jet Ski Fishing Speckled Trout

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Took the Ski over to Chesapeake Virginia and fished The Ditch in the Elizabeth River from 0730-1230. I was in the Cove for two hours with no luck so I moved over closer to the Ditch and had better action. I caught several Speckled Trout and Puppy Drum, all were small with the largest being about 18 inches. I caught one Spec on a jig and the rest live baiting with shiners. Temp was about 31 when I arrived and 45 by the time I left. The sun was out most of the day and so were several other boats and kayaks, I saw a couple other catching but nothing real big. Another great way to spend half a Sunday, can't wait to get out again. Here are a couple of pictures from today.

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Awesome pictures.
Nice pics as usual.
How is the redfish & trout fishing in the summer? Is it a big fishery?
Would be nice to yank the boat down in the summer, avoid the long trip to FL.

great pics like usual nice fish !!
The lower Chesapeake Bay, Lynhaven Inlet and Rudee Inlet all have some great Speckled Trout and puppy and Red Drum as well as Black Drum fishing.
Thanks for the replies.
Nice pics Brian. What camera are you bringing out on the water with you?
Thanks, I have a Nikon D-40. Most of the pictures were taken with my 70-300mm lense and a steady hand.
Hey Brian I love reading your posts and looking at your pics, they're awesome.
One question, have you ever thought of devising a wind shield for your ski? Maybe like a plexi cockpit for those extra cold days?
Just wondering.

Thanks, I have a Nikon D-40. Most of the pictures were taken with my 70-300mm lense and a steady hand.
Do you have a waterproof case for it?
Joe, I have talked to a plastics fabricator in Norfolk Va.. I have been thinking about it for a couple years but have not devoted enough time to it. It is always on my mind at the begining of winter. Maybe this year, it would be great to keep the cold 40 mph wind off of my hand and face.
Rocky, I keep my camera in a padded bag and a dry bag.
As always great post and pics. I never realized the water was that warm. Its almost like a separate eco system
Great Post and Awesome Pics! Cant wait to get back to the states and do some fishing in Jersey..:)
looks like a great morning to me
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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