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Jetski +70mph + Drinking/Drugs = Injury

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Longport man hurt in watercraft crash

From Press staff reports

SOMERS POINT - State Police on Tuesday said a Longport man was injured in a personal-watercraft accident the night before on Great Egg Harbor Bay.

Albert McGee, 39, allegedly was traveling about 70 mph when he was thrown from the craft about 7 p.m. Monday near Kennedy Park here, according to State Police at the Marine Enforcement Unit station in Atlantic City. His identity was unavailable Monday night.

McGee told police he was in the water about a half-hour before he swam to the beach. Although McGee said he was not injured, police said he was taken to Shore Memorial Hospital with cuts, bruises and scrapes of his knees, forehead and forearms.

A Shore nursing supervisor said the hospital had no one by that name in its patient directory Tuesday evening.

State Trooper Earl Potter said charges are pending the results of blood tests.

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traveling about 70 mph when he was thrown from the craft about 7 p.m. Monday near Kennedy Park
I know this area well; plenty of yahoos with their pwc's running out there. I guess it was just a matter of time...
Also plenty of pwc'ers that are responsible to themselves and other boaters. I enjoy both types of boating and I am not a "yahoo".
Originally posted by cappy:
Also plenty of pwc'ers that are responsible to themselves and other boaters. I enjoy both types of boating and I am not a "yahoo".
Very True Cappy,,,

Like the "No Love For Kayak" thread a few people are just letting off some steam about
the un-responsible people out there...
But you are right there are plenty of people that abide by the rules and have a good time
on the water...
Believe me, I wasn't trying to generalize... Just some observations while sitting on my mother-in-law's deck at South Pointe.
I think it's generally accepted that the only ones on jetskis getting knocked are the ones that are a menace, but it helps to remind people I guess.

I'll throw a positive jetski moment. Over Memorial day weekend I was fishing with my daughter and a clown flew by us about 20 feet away. Of course I yelled. He stopped immediately and looked confused. I told him he should consider the other boaters and fisherman. He actually apologized, and it was insincere.

He passed us probably another 5 times, and each time he slowed to a crawl and stayed about 100 feet away.
I have to honest, cappy, I don't like pwc's. It is hard for me to believe that a person could ride a pwc and also be a "serious" fisherman. I believe more restrictions are needed to, protect the person riding the pwc, and reduce conflict with boaters/fisherman.


Lifeguard rescues 4 girls
Strong Hampton undertow pulls in swimmers again
By Patrik Jonsson
Staff Writer
HAMPTON - A Hampton Beach lifeguard on a Jet Ski plucked four girls out of a strong undertow that had pulled them out to sea Sunday afternoon.

Lifeguard Jim DeLucca said the girls, ages 12-14, had been pulled about 75 yards from the Hampton Beach shore when a lifeguard patrolling on a Jet Ski spotted them.

"They weren't about to make it back to shore by themselves," DeLucca said.

The lifeguards did not get the girls' names or hometowns. No one was hurt in the incident.

Sunday's rescue came just days after several beachgoers saved three Massachusetts boys from an undertow Wednesday after lifeguards had left for the day.

DeLucca said lifeguards have been closing off the north end of Hampton Beach during the day because conditions there often create hazardous undertows, like the ones in the past week.

A deep contour at that section of the beach helps cause the phenomenon and the need for several rescues, DeLucca said. The strongest undertow occurs at low tide, DeLucca said, when the ocean often appears deceptively calm.

About eight rescues have been conducted by professional crews at that section of the beach in the past two weeks, DeLucca said, which doesn't include beachgoers who have rescued people when lifeguards weren't around.

Sunday's rescue was the first to use the two Jet Skis on loan to the town and beach lifeguards by Kawasaki Corp., according to Fire Chief William "Skip" Sullivan.

"We've got fairly decent rescue capabilities now that we've never had before," Sullivan said.

The Jet Skis allow trained lifeguards to patrol the shore and perform some rescues they previously couldn't attempt, such as pulling in Windsurfers who are unable to make it back to shore.

Lifeguards have had to call in the Coast Guard to perform those rescues in the past.

"I remember a few years ago a guy got stuck on a Windsurfer. The wind was from the west, and he wasn't going to make it back. His wife said, `Why don't you swim out there?' I said, `What am I going to do when I get there?' " DeLucca said.

Lifeguards finally called in the Coast Guard to pluck the amateur surfer out of the ocean.

The small Jet Ski fleet is an addition to the Fire Department's 16-foot Zodiac water-rescue craft. DeLucca said lifeguards plan to conduct joint rescue-training using the three craft in the future.

The Fire Department brokered the Jet Ski deal June 4. One of the Jet Skis came from Depot Honda in Rye, the other from G&G Cycle in Salisbury, Mass., Sullivan said.

The town will return the craft in October and borrow two new ones next summer.

The Fire Department has official jurisdiction over the Jet Skis, but loans them to state lifeguards during the day.

Hampton Firefighters Bill Welsh and Steve Benotti joined lifeguards DeLucca and Chris Laganas earlier this month for a training session conducted by the Los Angeles-based College of Search and Rescue and sponsored by the Massachusetts State Police.

DeLucca said Jet Skis are often used in California to rescue people from flooded storm drains. Rescuers and their craft are flown in by helicopters.
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I cant stand the jet ski cats that decide they will pick the spot im surfing to go up and down and jump waves.....They ruin the form ...yelling at them is useless as they just flip me off and pi*s me off even more....Id move but this always seems to happen when the other spots arent working
I was fishing a mini bass blitz in Herefords a few years back. This Yahoo w/ a PWC & a fishing rod rides right into it, driving down the fish, they pop up he does again!

My 6 year old son hollers " Hey your an a$$hole!"
He comes over, we give him a quick lesson on fishing a school, he starts hooking up too.

One yahoo converted, but you do have to agree that 90 % of PWC riders just don't have a clue.
Libation, I think that is a grossly mistaken generalization!!! It's 89% max. ;)
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