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Just back home from 4 days fishing trip to Panama Sport Fishing Lodge. This is my best fishing trip ever..
Ben & Mike are from Boston, Ken and I are from NJ. We arrived at lodge around 11:00PM. took us 8.5hours from Panama air port to lodge(bad tires, driver had low profile tires and one of them blow up, thank god we had 2 Master technicians.) Next time we will let driver take our gears only to lodge and we will fly to the lodge)

We fished with Capt Chichi, on his 31ft stamas CC with twin F250s, very nice rig, nice casting plat form in the bow and stern. wide beam made us fishing very comfortable. first couple days fishing were not so good, we only had 4 snowie groupers first day, and lost 3 nice tuna on second day, 100lb hollow braid line brake, 100lb leader broke, and pulled hook. ??? ??? ??? first two fish took starwalk sinking stick bait and second one took Dorado slider. third fish took live bait.

Third day started even worse, one of the engine keep turning off, Capt chichi spend a lot time try to fix it but were not able to. But all the luck changed after we saved a dying sea turtle, she was tangled with a lot of nylon ropes. She keeps diving deep if we are getting closer, Mike casted a jig with single assist hook and able to get the turtle and brake the ropes off. after that, somehow the engine started work again, and we were able to get 2 tuna on live bait.

our last day of fishing were excellent. tuna were every were, we got 13/15, kept 4 and released rest..

Special thank to Mike Garone to deliver our prototype Slow Pitch 300g Jigging rod right before the trip(landed 4 yellow fin up to 70lb).

PSFL is going to be our annual fishing destinations, thanks to John, Capt. Chichi and all the staff.


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Congrats on the very successful trip! Now you see why I go to Panama so much!!

We are leaving in less than a week your pictures certainly have us excited!!! Nice Trip Yong.
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