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My family and I were out in NY harbor seeing the fireworks when a frantic woman hails the cost guard on channel 16.

I?ll try and quote:

?Us cost guard!!! Hello? We have two boats in trouble here? Hello??

Then she relays a vague description of her position.

Dozens of captains respond. All attention was on her. One captain even had an idea where she could be from the terrible description of her position. (I was proud of everyones seamanship and willing to help.)

She didn?t hear anyone, obviously she did not let go of the transmit button. She kept yelling angrily.

Woman? ?Us cost guard don?t you monitor this channel??

Another Captain? ?What is the nature of your distress??(he repeated this s l o w l y?)

Woman ?Our anchor line is tangled with another boat? It is tangled Really bad??

There was silence on the radio...(I wish I could have smacked her threw the radio) The Coast Guard is there to save lives and there going to help her? I HOPE NOT.

I laughed and turn up the squelch.

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