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Kayak Fishing Reports -August 2005

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Ok Let's Here About Those Yak Attacks !!!
This is your place to post fishing reports,talk about Kayaks and to plan your adventures....
Have Fun Guys,,,,

We launched our Kayak into the darkest of Barnegat Bay over the weekend.

Once you found the bait you found plenty of action with weakfish and bluefish..Tides were running hard and dirty with alot of the eelgrass that came in from the ocean last week.So the key was to anchor up and fish around the patches of grass as it swept by us..
The strikes were many on lead jigs and assorted color rubber, sometimes right beside the yak..

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Awesome pics Nightstrikes! Sounds like a great night. I went down last night just before dark and got skunked. I was stubborn and wanted to catch them on poppers but it was a bit too windy. I still had a great time. Hopefully I will be getting down this weekend since Jettyjock and my friend Ed have new kayaks to break in! Tom.
Hit Cape May County back bays last night from 8:00p to 10:30p. Found bass popping while still light around first bend. 2nd cast and 28 incher to the yak. (small popper). Looked like a promising night. Continued to my planned location and the further back I got the more snot grass I encountered. Pods of grass 10 feet wide were floating with the tide. Found more fish popping during the night but could not keep the grass off the lures. Before I left checked to see what they were chasing and found hundreds of 3 inch glass type minows up against the banks.
New Kayak worked great

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Great Report and a even nicer picture of your ride...

Jettyjock. Your new kayak looks like it has a lot of fish in it's future!!! I hope I get to see them all. Good luck! Tom.
Got out behind OC the other night. The fish were very active and popping all over the place.

The problem was the weed. Maybe one out of every ten casts stayed clean. Not much luck.

Where are you finding all these weakies??
Just thought I would share a helpful program I found on the internet. It allows you to look for different fishing spots using sattelite photos. Beware that the photos are about 3 years old but still show you a good look of what is out there. It also allows you to measure distance so you can plan a kayak trip to see if that place you want to fish is close enough for a night time excursion. The program is called google earth and can be downloaded for free. Just do a google search for google earth. Here is an example of a plotted trip in Townsends Inlet area. As you plot your lines it gives you a total mileage as you continue to add distance. I have located a few new spots to try using this program. Thought others maybe able to use it also.
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Yeh, the google earth is awesom!
Nice ride you got there. What make/model is it. I looking into getting a Yak this fall, and been doing a lot of research. Ive tried Kayak fishing the past two years up in Long Island. I thought it was amazing, and cant wait to get my own. Im just saving some money so I can rig up the Kayak with all the accessories I need.
Also, I think I met you and Sic Yakker at the NJ Angler Tournament. My friend and I were standing in line with you two, and I think it was Sic Yakker's son brought a nice Blue to the scales.
Any info form you guys would be helpful.
Wow, It looks like mine . A Tarpon 120 right. Have only "freshwatered" mine so far. How does it surf? Most of the reviews said good things. I found mine 1/2 price at a local store. Guy said it didn't sell. I jumped at it.
I want to put a rudder/fishfinder on mine before fall. Yak on!
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Welcome to the BassBarn.Com,
Glad To Have You Aboard....
Kenuloza / Mike, How are you doing? I remember you and your friend from the tourney. Jettyjock's kayak is a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120. I have a Tarpon 140. I opted for the 14 ft. model because of my size. I am sure that JJ will respond to your questions as well. I LOVE my Tarpon and I know that JJ is pleased with his as well. Good luck and I hope to see you out in a kayak soon! Tom.
Nice weakie, had to wait until sept to get my first of the year last year.....none yet this year........
SicYaker is correct my ride is a Wilderness System Tarpon 120. I had a Cobra Explorer before. This one is faster and less hull slap. Also able to be set up better for fishing. There is several places locally to get one if you are interested in this model. Like SicYaker said there is the 120, 140 and 160. Depending on your height and weight one of these models will fit you good for what type of fishing you plan on doing. The place I purchased mine is not a sponser to the barn so email me and I can give you a couple of options if you are looking to buy.
There's more than that. There is a T100 for quite water or kids, I am breaking my son in on some freshwater, and just bought him a "ripper", (T80). :cool:
Thanks for the info. I'll shoot you guys an email in the when Im ready to purchase one. Im sure we'll be fishing together in the future.
Also, hopefully I'll be in the Kayak Division fishing for the Barn in next years tournament.
Anybody fishing tonight? Thursday 8/11. All week Ive been busy selling and rigging kayaks and not getting out fishing myself. Im drinking a sixteen ounce wawa tonight and going.
cell 609-513-1680
Landed 4 between 24" and 28" a couple nights ago at CISP. Lost two at the yak and missed a few more. Not bad for August.
Launched in Wreck inlet yesterday,caught three spikes, all 121/4" at the bottom of the tide.When the tide changed, the bite shut down, with cold dirty water.The cool thing was, I could see large schooles of Weakies up on the bars! I have seen that before, but not recently. There was tons of bait, saw Mullet for the 1st time this season, along with peanut Bunker,& Spearing. The inlet has change alot since Spring! It's pretty nasty on the incoming, I only saw 1 boat all day. Greenheads were pretty thick, had to resort to Deet! Oh yeah, the tide cuts you off from the north end, or returning from the north end, about half tide now! Which can be a good thing if you like solitude, and have the time. Can't wait to get back up there, with some good weather.Does anyone here, have a Brig.4 whl pass, and Kayaks??
JG aka The Gannet
Question, does anyone have a Pungo Yak? I have had one for 2 yrs now and love it! Its a Sit In though. Was wondering if anyone has fallen out in water over your head? How hard is it to get back into the boat. Haven't had to try and was wondering if anyone has experience. Bought a Paddle Float a few weeks back (just being responsible) and was gonna give it a try while the water was still warm
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