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Keeper Flounder!

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After hearing of a hot flounder bite last week in the inlet, I went flounder fishing today. Unfortunately the wind was against the outgoing tide until the tide changed at noon, making for a tough day. We were Lesbian-Fishing until the tide changed. After that it was still a slow pick.

I caught a 12.5" a 13.5" and a 15.5". I threw all of 'em into the chill-kill box and had them cooked at the local restaurant where we beached the boat for a late lunch. Nothing beats FRESH-caught flounder and ice-cold Kaliks.

Wind was COLD, 15-20kts NE all day long, gusting to 25 or 30 at times. Definitely wasn't shorts & flip-flops weather.

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That's great man.

As ironic as this souonds I too got another one of those slob flounder that Compleat has been talking about out of Ponce Inlet.

5 pounder yesterday, got a 8 pounder about 2 weeks ago. I am getting them on a high tide while fishing the flats. Been using a pinkie with a tiny chunk of fresh shrimp on the hook. Finally got the balls to wade out and go for it, haven't looked back.

BIG BLACK drum getting yanked from the surf here. 40-60 pounds. Pompano as well came through.

Cold front seemed to turn the reds, snook and trout off for a while. Been hooking up with some guides about once a week, so all my knowledge is thanks to them.

These Florida flounder are soooooo much fatter than their Northern counterparts.

Take Care
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You non-fish catching buffoon(sp?)..... you know I caught all those fish :D

Just kidding and you know it. Yesterday my fishing skills sucked so bad I thought about giving it up for a week :mad:

Being serious now the trout bite is still red hot(closed season though) snook fishing is still going but you have to look a little for them, same goes for the reds. Today I will be searching for all three since I can still wade fish in shorts and a T-shirt

Once again the Eagles are only on NFL ticket down here so I won't be watching any of the game :mad:
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Dr Bass - what part of the Plywood State do you live in?

Yo Adam - I still have no clue why I caught all the flounder yesterday and you and Nick didn't catch any. Y'all had more bites than I did and I was doing my usual King Of Trash Fishing thing with that monster Oyster Cracker. Still scratching my head why.

I am in a Northeast burb of Orlando.
Ahhh! Nice fresh fish, warmer weather, and an cold Kalik! Bring it on! Four more weeks to go! It's getting right chilly up here!
My favorite storm-plywood grafitti is "You Loot, We Shoot" and don't think they don't mean it either!

Hey Catch,
What does (AAOG) stand for?
Captn JOe
CJ - it stands for "American Academy of Oral Gynecologists". I'm on the Board as well as the Steering Committee.

p.s. go over to the Tackle Box and read my two threads; "Lions 1 - Christians 0" and "Florida's Non-Stop Freak Show II". My sides are still killing me from laughing so hard while I was putting them together.
Were still getting them here! We had them up to 5lbs last week! Too bad they all had to go back! :(
striper2278 - Those were some nice catches; they should have wound up in your frying pan, not back in the ocean.

As you know, the anti-recreational flounder regs
are total BS. IF (and I say IF) anyone should be penalized it should be the commercials, not us. WE didn't cause the collpase of the flounder stocks back in the early 90's, the commercials did.

But watch out for the enviros too; they'll make a sunny day seem like a Nor'Easter.

Just got the word over the Voodoo Jungle Drum Network.

The flounder bite has fully turned ON at Sebastian and Port Canaveral.

Originally posted by CATCH-ALL:
Just got the word over the Voodoo Jungle Drum Network.

The flounder bite has fully turned ON at Sebastian and Port Canaveral.

It's been good man

Snook and Reds shut down for about the last 10 days.

Can't break through this North wind

Today the wind switched to South, guys promise this is good. I will let you know

Wife just bumped me back to three nights a week :D
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