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Kindness of strangers

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It's true what they say... "what goes around comes around." I've always been the type to stop and help someone change a tire and things like that. It kinda tics me off that more people are not like that... but each to his own I suppose. Thankfully I'm rarely in a position that I'm in need of help. But, yesterday on the raritan bay I found out the hard way my engine wasn't charging my batteries. We ran 5 miles out of keyport and after a few hours of fishing (and some decent catching), I tried to start the engine to move to a new spot... nothing. The starter would engage but wouldn't kick the engine over. I had enough to run my electronics but that was it. Unfortunately I hadn't gotten around to joining sea tow yet so I was in a bit a of a pickle.

I asked a nearby boat if they had a booster pack, they did and I tried it... a little better but still wouldnt' kick the engine over. On a few frequencies that had constant chatter, I I asked for help and got nothing but silence... except for a few wisecracks (so know I was being heard). I wasn't asking anyone to stop fishing, just drag me back in if they were done. After a few hours and over 100 minutes on my cell trying to get someone I knew with a boat to help out, I realized I may have to pay the $500 for a commercial tow company to come out (and thats not an exageration, I called and that was what I was quoted). The same people that offered the booster pack earlier were heading in and came by to see if we needed help... they towed us back to the Keyport (which was a few miles out of their way) and wouldn't accept any money from me... not even for the extra fuel they had to burn. They are a prime example of how I wish more people were, both on and off the water. So if anyone knows a boat named "second home" out of lawrence harbor, send me an email, I want drop them off a bottle of wine or something to say thanks.

And by the way, I joined see tow as soon as I got home... I'll probably never need it again but now I know I have it if I do.

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thats the main reason to join sea tow. you send them $100 and you shouldnt have any mechanicle problems for the rest of the season
Sea Tow is great. I spend the money and hope to never have to use them. There are good people out there. You were lucky to have someone like that to help you.
is SeaTow the best service to go with or is it mentioned because they are a sponser, I was looking at that other company but I can't decide.
I run out of Absecon Inlet and have had Sea Tow for a number of years. I needed them once and they were there within minutes on the 4th of July. Their Captains are very professional.
I use sea tow, my dad Boat US. Both out of CMNJ.

I needed sea tow twice in 8 yrs. 1st time, the motor wouldn't kick over, made the call in & they were on the way in minutes. In the meantime, the motor started & I called sea tow back to let them know I was OK, the capt still came out & followed me to the dock just to make sure I got back in w/o further problem.

2nd time was a dock to ramp tow to pull the boat when my motor blew. Scheduled a day & a time & the Capt was right there to bring me over.

So, no complaints from me.

My father used Boat US once for a jump. There quickly & follwed him back too.

I guess you can't go wrong with either. Figure out who is closest to your marina.
Aftermath, glad to hear someone helped you out. Giving someone a hand doesn't hurt & you will get yhe hand back one day.
It is nice to hear someone helped you out. Getting a towing service is one of the best investments you can make. I would go with the one closest to where you dock.
Cape May area...Sea Tow definitely..if you don't believe me do your homework....

Number of boats, locations, times of year available, captain's experience, meet the owners, meet the captains, total services and reputations beyond the "I got towed in once...very professional...great company"...see which one you want when the chips are down...

And being a sponsor says a lot besides all the other community things Sea Tow Cape May does.... from charities to sponsoring little league and attending school health/safety's not just another company....

Out of the Cape May area...still do your's your money......some that cruise or trailer a lot get's a bargain at the price of a membership when you really need them...

Good luck!!!!!

PS...Shawn at Sea Tow Central Jersey is a great guy and a local celebrity for being a hero when he dove under an overturned boat a couple years back to rescue a little boy in Barnegat Inlet...NOW THAT's SERVICE!!!!!

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Great post you can't repay that kindness with money. Someone that does something like that probably wouldn't take money if they were down to their last nickel.
Originally posted by Vitalsigns:
Great post you can't repay that kindness with money. Someone that does something like that probably wouldn't take money if they were down to their last nickel.
Exactly... but I would like to say thanks though... or atleast put them on the christmas card list.

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good job to those guys who brought you back in... that takes class
I have to say, as far as being someone who would say, hey stop here and fish right next to me...that wouldn't be me on the water...but if someone really needed my help out there...I'd be the first If I were in the area! Shame on those guys that were wise cracking!
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i can stop next to you skip

what i have and always will do for anyone stuck on the water ...

if i tow you back all i will ask for is that in the event you run across a person stuck in a pickle do the same for them that was done for you ...

a gent lost his battery a couple years ago i actually carried a spare 12 volt in my cc boat

i gave it to him and followed him back to port....

as for me i need to renew sea tow now ..reminder to me

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While I'm the first to say that helping on the water is a great idea and great act of kindness...I'll throw out some info that may put some opinions in perspective....

I'm on the water every day and see a lot of people in the making about to hurt themselves or others. Using too small of lines for towing or pulling someone off a sandbar... tying off to small, inadequate or downright nasty looking cleats.... improper knots/hitches.... putting hands or limbs im harms way.... etc...etc....

Sooooooooo.....that $149 for Sea Tow is a bargain compared to a trip to the emergency room at worst...maybe just a call to the fiberglass guy if things still don't go as planned.

EVEN if YOU know what you are doing....does the Good Samaratin????? There are a lot of folks on the water these days that can't even get alongside of an anchored boat safely in calm, protected's not like the old days when a higher percentage of boaters knew what they were doing......
Two years ago, a case of beer, found it's way to me.. last year the guy gave me 2 dozen hard clams... Plus I bailed out two boat that were goind to sink, And two years back I actuall pulled someone's boat that sank to shore for them . Felt bad about there boat,it had a brand new 9.9 four stroke. Feel like I hear a boat cring for help sometimes, and when I hear the words help, just give me a second. I'd hate to be the guy in that Phil Collins song.....

P.S. Have to agree with Capt. Scott... Seems like the Coast Guard feels the same way...
I agree with Captain Scott too. I've done some off roading in my time and the things I've seen people trying for vehicle recovery make me cringe... I suppose it's no different on the water. When we got towed in, I made sure the rope we used wasn't frayed or anything... but also important, it was anchored onto two cleats, if the first one was torn out or failed in some other way, it wouldn't become a deadly projectile headed toward their boat... and we stayed behind the windshield incase the rope on their end failed. A little precaution goes a long way.
I've been in the same position before and got help and the individual wouldn't take anything for their help, but when someone asked me for help I gave it too. You never know when you might need help so keep that in mind when someone asks.
Capt Scott,

That is an excellent point and I agree. I do think, though, it is good that someone stopped to help a fellow boater in need. I have stopped to offer my assistance before to people. Some have needed it and some were "just checking something out on the motor". Whenever a good samaritan is around, I think it is important for the samaritan and the person in need to know the limitations of what can be done without professional assistance. Common sense is paramount.

By the way I am a Sea Tow Member.
Best to be on the safe side
Question........I am a Sea Tow member. If you ever need a tow, do they tow you back to your slip? Ive often wondered how someone could tow you right into your slip, seems kindof impossible, especially where I dock at!
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