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What's the best way to put a bloodworm on the hook for kingfish?

( I.e. how many inches of worm, how do I loop it, etc. )

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Dakota Rob,
Welcome to the BassBarn.Com,
Glad To Have You Aboard.............

Most of my experience with fishing with
BloodWorms is when I fish for Striped Bass.
The Way I Hook Them and its usually with a
whole worm,I thread the point of my hook
into the mouth and inch my way thru the
body of the worm trying to not break its skin,
once I am 3/4 in and the worm is covering the
entire hook I then bring the point of the
hook back out and loop it a few times thru
the tail of the worm.,.

I believe and maybe some of our expert Kingfishermen can correct me, you do about
the same but you cut the BloodWorm Into Pieces
about 1-2"s long and thread it onto a smaller

Good Luck, I hear that there is still a good
Kingfish bite going on, and usally this time
of the year you get some Big One's..
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you really only need about a half inch of bloodworm, but I'd go with 2 inches or so if you enough worms to last. just stick it in through the end of the worm and out about halfway, then you can thread it onto the hook once more.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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