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I fish mostly from jetties and would like to stay safe.I fish a lot in front of the jetties on rocks that are submerged, can anyone tell me if they prefer the K-5000 or K-1100 and why?

Thanks in advance!!
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I have both the 5000 & 1100 plus. I started off several years ago with the k5000 buckle version, but got sick and tired of how heavy they were. I tend to walk a good distance to fish. Even if you are walking a little distance they are like bricks on your feet. I never had problems with them falling off or buckles breaking, but I found replacing the studs extremely difficult.
Last season I purchased the k1100 laces. I immediately threw away the laces and purchased several pairs of extra long hockey laces which I wrap around my ankle before tightening them up and this works amazing. They are very light, with the hockey laces very secure, and hold more cleats than the 5000's. I find the 1100 studs easier to change than the screw in 5000's actually. The only con is I am finding myself changing the studs on the 1100's more because they can fall out from time to time, but again not a big deal.

The K1100 get my...:thumbsup:!!
A good mod is to replace the laces with rock climbing rope - it will stand up to sharp rocks.
I actually tried rock climbing rope, and that army utility rope called parachute rope or something and I found it slipped when wet. I tried the hockey laces (after someone suggested it) and found them to not slip at all, and actually tighten the more wet they got. You can also get different lengths and they cost like 4 bucks a pair. I get them at a local hockey supply store, but whatever works is good with me, this is just my opinion. Carry on!!
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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