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I fish mostly from jetties and would like to stay safe.I fish a lot in front of the jetties on rocks that are submerged, can anyone tell me if they prefer the K-5000 or K-1100 and why?

Thanks in advance!!
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The Korkers "Jetty Plus Fishing Cleat" K1100 (there are two models of the k1100) have more and better placed cleats than the 5000, plus they can be modified to become almost indestructable whereas the buckles cannot be modified as easily. If you use the screw in spike models, you better treat the threads with loctite to prevent the threads from rusting and seizing in place. If you're only fishing from safer flat jetties, I'm sure either would be a good choice. However, if you're fishing from some of the more dangerous jetties, one you need to climb and jump from rock to rock, there's no way I would trust the buckle versions.
This is why I love my Korker Boots.They've never come off!!!!!!Like the commerical says support can be beautiful!!!!:thumbsup:

I also have the Korkers convertable wading boots. They are great for walking a beach and then standing on little finger jetties or the nice and safe jetties to fish the pockets. However, they are not good ennough for really tough jetties - I know I've taken a fall and slid down into the rocks on one of the safer jetties.
I immediately threw away the laces and purchased several pairs of extra long hockey laces which I wrap around my ankle before tightening them up and this works amazing.

A good mod is to replace the laces with rock climbing rope - it will stand up to sharp rocks.
I haven't had a problem with them yet.I really don't like the sandal style their like wearing clod hoppers!!The boots give me awesome support,and I haven't had issue with slipping yet.Which ones do you have Greg??I've got the stream born wader boots.
I have the wetlands. The problem I have is when I'm walking on slopping rocks - the edge of the rubber sole sticks much farther out than the spikes, which requires being very careful to step at the appropriate angle to the rock so as not to have the outer edge land and slid on the slippery rock. I actually use the same wader boots with the lug soles when using the k1100 sandles. I fish a jetty that actually requires climbing down and up rocks, the placement of the spikes on the Jetty Plus model, in my opinion, make this a more secure practise.
I've got the streamborn wader boots and I really like em.The problem I'm having is corrosion on the metal.All the metal on the boots has corroded in 1 season.Right now I'm planning on retro fitting them with nylon lace up's.This is the only problem,it's a big problem but the boots work great.
Corrosion after just one year? Did you wash them off after each use? My wetlands have last about 7-8 years. The metal bracket that holds the sole strap rusted out after about 5 years, but that was easily replaced. You'd think korkers would build a boot that has not metal in it. :nuts:
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