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Do you plan on fishing Lake Audrey this year?

  • YES

    Votes: 45 71.4%
  • NO

    Votes: 6 9.5%

    Votes: 12 19.0%

Lake Audrey fishing 2010

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:D Do you plan on fishing here this year?
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I've been waiten along time for this place to open, think I'm going to do this lake strictly on week days:thumbsup:
I'm in! :thumbsup:
I must tell you that I think I may have to change my mailing address once this ice clears out!
That's one place that I will 1st hit when I get home from college! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Sounds like a must try but not on weekends!:thumbsup:
never caught a smallie maybe this will break my cherry:eek:
never caught a smallie maybe this will break my cherry:eek:
Yes Sir, Audrey will do it:thumbsup:
It would be uncivilized if I didn't fish Audrey this year and soon lol
Soon as DP tells me the ice is gone I will be down there that weekend and Leon if you wanna come with me you are more than welcome.
From what I have been hearing she's still locked up...hopefully within the next week or long as these temps stay up. I might swing out there tomorrow or thursday to see what's up..I'll post a report w/some pix.
That makes 2 of us!
I dropped my outboard at Barnacle Bill's today. Driving by my usual haunts on the way, all iced over or slush. The pond that I fish across the road is mostly open and I plan on hitting it tomorrow.
I think rainbow lake in vineland was open..I might give it a shot if it is!
:D Looks like a legit 5lb smallie was caught today. :bow: This place looks like the real deal.
Fished it Weds morning from the skunk. It was windy and a bit cold and the area that I was in had a lot of scrub trees that made good access and casting difficult....that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it ;) I saw three boats while there. A lone guy in one, three guys in a red glass bass boat and a third guy in a Lowe Jon with a Briggs and Stratton on the stern and a Minn Kota on the bow, looked like a Carrot stick om board, spoke with him briefly as he was launching. I heard that one fellow caught at least two, one being around 4 lbs., I think that was the lobe guy in the first boat that I saw. As soon as my new Minn Kota arrives I'll be out there.
this place will b fished to death by april and fish will know every lure in the world by june will stop biting by july .lol
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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