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“That’s Right” Families and Kids Fishing!! April 14, 2014 by admin
“That’s Right is Unique as we are one of the few Private Charters in the Keys that is a Coast Guard Inspected vessel! This allows us to take more than 6ppl out for a day of fishing. This makes us highly beneficial for those vacationing with a large family or multiple families with kids.
We also are very active with the local schools in using “That’s Right as a floating classroom.
Capt John Reports:
What an exciting 10 days its been down here in Islamorada,Fla. We had a rescue at sea one day and the local kids did there second round of field trips with us on “Thats Right”. In between we did plenty of half day trips which all proved to be productive. We haven’t had much in the way of “Big” fish lately just quality.
Most of this week “That’s Right” spent it’s am’s doing charters and the pm doing field trips with one of our local schools. Hands down the best trips ever! It is a great feeling to help and teach our youth the value’s of the Ocean we get to play in every day. Yes some of this kids have never been near the water and to see there excitement is priceless! We had terrible winds all week and not one kid got sick, i guess it was all the wonderful creatures they were able to see and catch that helped, i was amazed and how well they all did. Next up is our snorkel trips, now thats a fun time!!
Aboard “That’s Right” we have pretty much stayed in on the reef edge still catching our Yellow Tails and assorted abundance of other Reef fish. We have enjoyed a Sail fish or two along the way and did get Offshore one day and found some Dolphins, which BTW seem to be here now. The guys who did mange to rough it out did find some nice catches of Dolphins and some Black fin Tunas mixed in. Over all the fishing has been picking up each day, some days are easier then others but pretty darn good for now.

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