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Largest reel needed?

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Just a question for those fishing in the bay and other inshore saltwater areas in NJ.
What is the largest reel you use or would need?
For black drum? For maybe Shark?
I ask this because I have a buddy that insists on keeping 4/0 through 9/0 reels on his small boat at all times, "Just in case". From what I've seen I've never really saw the need for anything much larger than a larger baitcaster.
What justifies the larger tackle? I know there are some big black drum caught in the Delaware Bay but none much over 100lbs, and I've not seen any big sharks on the NJ side. Is a 4/0 way out of line? How about larger reels? I've seen a lot of guys using 4/0 reels for deep drop fishing but not in the bay.
At what point is it just overkill?
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If the bunker are around out front I never went out without at least a 30, sometimes a 50, with a belt and wire leader setup in case a whiptail shows up....

This year I might replace this with my tuna jigging pinning outfit just cause it is easier to transport..... custom Bullseye with a Stella 18000.. should do the trick.
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